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Tony is the principal dentist and owner of Lower Plenty Dental. He graduated from Melbourne University in 1987 and purchased the practice in 1991 from Dr Brendan Kruger, who established the clinic back in 1968. Tony enjoys providing all types of dental treatment, with a special interest in restoring dental aesthetics and function. His philosophy is to provide quality dentistry in caring and comfortable surroundings. Tony is a member of the Australian Dental Association, the International Team for Implantology and a member of Eltham Triathlon Club. He lives locally and has four children. In his spare time, Tony enjoys cycling, walking, playing golf occasionally, tinkering with technology (repairing items the kids have destroyed – for example) and sleeping. He is famous for his ‘Movember Moustache’. Tony speaks English and some Italian and is currently learning Swedish with plans one day to do some rock climbing in Sweden – after the kids finally leave home.



Dr Mailen Farag, affectionately known as Mai, is a highly skilled and compassionate dentist who provides exceptional dental care to her patients. Originally from Chile, Mai moved to Australia with her family when she was three. She earned her Bachelor of Dental Science degree from the University of Melbourne in 2005 and has since established herself as a calm and caring dentist with a special interest in orthodontics, including Invisalign and other clear aligner treatments. Beyond her professional skills, as a mother of 4, Mai has a diverse range of interests; she is an enthusiastic ukulele player and enjoys singing and playing music in her free time. Mai also has a deep appreciation for different cultures and languages. She is fluent in Spanish and has basic proficiency in Auslan (Australian Sign Language). Mai often incorporates her love for music into her practice, using it to create a calming and enjoyable environment for her patients hence the nickname ” The Singing Dentist”.



Grazia graduated in 2001 from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Dental Science. She is a member of the Australia Dental Association. Grazia enjoys all aspects of dental treatment, particularly preventive dentistry, patient education and aesthetic dentistry. She enjoys treating patients of all ages, especially children. Grazia understands you may have let your teeth go as you have been too busy raising children and may feel embarrassed about the condition of your mouth. Before you even sit in the dental chair, Grazia will reassure you and help you to feel relaxed, comfortable and safe. Grazia is available for appointments after hours, so you can come and see her after you have safely picked up the kids from school, or you can see her on a Saturday. During her spare time, Grazia loves spending time with her children (four boys and one girl) and enjoys reading, gardening, cooking, and interior decorating. Grazia speaks English and Italian and previously practised in South Morang.

Oral Health Therapists


Isia hails from Toronto, Canada, where she grew up and completed her dental hygienist training. Over 30 years ago, she realised her lifelong dream of moving to Australia, which she now proudly calls home. One of Isia’s favourite sayings is, ‘You only have to floss the teeth you want to keep,’ reflecting her strong commitment to oral health. She is an enthusiastic bridge player and takes immense pleasure in fine art. Her love for painting is showcased through her artwork, which adorns her treatment room. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Isia is a devoted Western Bulldogs member and boasts a growing collection of Bulldogs-themed garden gnomes at her home. Isia loves animals, especially cats and enjoys sharing pet stories. She is proficient in both English and Polish.



Anna obtained her Bachelor of Oral Health Degree in 2007. She focuses on the prevention and treatment of gum conditions and will show you how to achieve optimum oral health. Anna would love to work with you, especially if you have been putting off dental treatment for a while. Maybe you have had a bad experience and are at a loss on who to turn to. Anna is non-judgemental and will only commence your treatment after listening to your story, establishing your wants and needs, and creating a shared, safe environment. Anna enjoys treating children, especially kids that have a medical fear, special needs or that other dentists have found challenging to treat. She is very experienced in pulpotomies and Hall’s technique of stainless steel crowns. She has also completed advanced training in Orofacial Myology and Silver Fluoride application. Anna enjoys promoting oral health in the community with talks and demonstrations at local schools and kindergartens. Anna loves travelling and, in her spare time, enjoys reading and cooking. Anna speaks English and Greek.



Kate graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Oral Health (Adult Scope). Her qualifications extend to both Dental Therapy and Dental Hygiene, and she has been an active member of the Dental Hygiene Association of Victoria since her graduation. Kate’s deep-seated passion for oral health is evident in her unwavering commitment to delivering patient-centred care with a focus on promoting overall well-being. Kate’s journey into dentistry was influenced by a childhood marked by a few challenging dental experiences, and she resolved to dedicate herself to preventing others from similar experiences. Kate embodies our ethos of “Great Teeth For Life”, focusing on preventing dental diseases by recommending dietary adjustments and lifestyle modifications that contribute to a healthier you, particularly regarding your dental health. If you find yourself struggling with dark, discoloured, or stained teeth and are hesitant to smile in public or showcase your near-perfect selfie, Kate is our resident whitening expert. She takes immense joy in helping you walk out with newly whitened teeth and a dazzling smile. In her spare time, Kate enjoys culinary pursuits, playing the piano, and cherishing moments with her family. Kate is fluent in both English and Macedonian.



Esther graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health from the University of Melbourne in 2013. After that, she joined volunteer projects in Asia whilst working in private practice in Victoria. She is passionate towards all aspects of general and prevention dentistry, particularly children’s dentistry, periodontics and interceptive orthodontics. Esther enjoys empowering her patients to achieve healthy and beautiful smiles. She often engages with children by promoting oral health at special needs schools and enjoys educating parents about maintaining good oral hygiene at home. Esther loves to see kids on the autistic spectrum and is familiar with the need to desensitise your child to the smells, sounds and tastes of the dental environment, which she understands can take a few visits. Esther will tailor the appointment to suit your child’s needs and is in tune with the non-verbal cues that indicate the tone of the appointment is changing – she will withdraw – and then enthusiastically try again next time. Esther loves spending time with her dog at the beach and also enjoys running, reading, knitting and golfing in her spare time. Esther speaks English and Korean.



Venessa graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Oral Health. The dual scope of hygiene and therapy allows for a preventative approach to dentistry for all of our patients. She loves to carry out professional dental cleans and educate her patients on ways to improve and maintain good oral health. She loves seeing children and helping them understand the importance of taking care of their teeth. Venessa is always eager to listen and will take the time to make sure every dental visit is comfortable and enjoyable with her caring nature. Venessa has a sympathetic and holistic approach to care in her venture for healthy mouths and smiles for all ages. In her spare time, you can find her trying new restaurants around Melbourne, enjoying some pilates or walking her golden retriever.



Ying graduated in 2012 at the top of her class and was awarded the Golden Scaler Award for outstanding overall achievements from the Oral Health program at La Trobe University. She has over 10 years of clinical experience working in both general and specialist clinics such as Royal Dental Hospital, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Orthodontics, Periodontics, and Oral-Maxillofacial surgeries. Ying also works at the University of Melbourne as a lecturer.
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